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Jamaica Customs Extends Period for Customs Brokers and Clerks to Submit TCC and Police Record to Agency

The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is reminding Customs Brokers and Broker Clerks that they have a period of three (3) months ending June 30, 2020, to submit their valid Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) and Police Record, following the renewal of their licences with the JCA for the period 2020-2021. This extension is only applicable for the renewal of applications, as new applications for all licences are subject to the normal requirements.

Ordinarily, documents such as the TCC and Police Record would be required upon renewal of licences. However, the JCA temporarily suspended these requirements in light of the COVID-19 crisis, which impacted the usual business operations of most organisations.


Applying for a Customs Broker Licence

Subject to the requirements of the Customs Regulations, the Customs Brokers Licensing Advisory Board (CBLAB) of the JCA is responsible for recommending the issuance of licences to Individual Applicants, Bodies Corporate and Unincorporated Associations, which undertake Customs broking functions in Jamaica.


Applying for an Individual Licence

Individuals applying for a Customs Broker licence must submit the following documents along with the prescribed application form to the CBLAB:

  • Provisional licence held for not less than a year, after receiving training, while being articled to a Licensed Customs Broker;
  • Typed cover letter in the applicant’s own handwriting, stating the basis of the application;
  • Two (2) passport sized photographs certified by a Justice of the Peace (J.P.);
  • Valid Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC);
  • Valid Police Record;
  • Two (2) character references, one of which should be from a J.P.;
  • Proof of residence (utility bill or confirmation letter from a J.P., etc);
  • Proof of age (Passport, Driver’s Licence or National ID);
  • Proof of educational qualification (Mathematics and English are mandatory, except where exemptions apply).


Applying for a Body Corporate Licence Application

Bodies Corporate must submit the following, along with the prescribed application form for such licences:  

  • Typed cover letter stating the basis of the application;
  • A certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Two (2) character references for each director, one of which should be from a J.P.;
  • Valid Police Records for each applicant;
  • Valid Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC);
  • One (1) passport sized photograph certified by a J.P. for each director;
  • A valid Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) in the name of the Body Corporate;
  • Majority of the directors must provide:
    1. Proof of age (Passport,  Driver’s Licence or National ID);
    2. Proof of residence ((utility bill or confirmation  letter from a J.P., etc);
    3. Proof of educational qualification (Mathematics and English Language mandatory, except where exemptions are applicable).


Application for Unincorporated Association Licence

Unincorporated Associations must submit the following, along with the prescribed application form for such licences:

  • Typed cover letter, stating the basis of the application;
  • Each member should submit:
    • Two (2) certified passport size photographs;
    • Valid Tax Compliance Certificate;
    • Police Record;
    • Two (2) character references, one of which should be from a J.P.;
    • Proof of residence (utility bill or Confirmation Letter from J.P., etc)
    • Proof of age (Passport Bio-page, Driver’s Licence or National ID)
    • Proof of educational qualification (Mathematics and English mandatory, except where exemptions may apply);
    • One member must be a Licence Customs Broker



  • All applications must be submitted to the Office of the Director of Customs House Operations.
  • The witnessing of signed applications is no longer required by the JCA.
  • All applicants are required to sign a copy of the Code of Conduct prior to the licence being issued, and are also subject to a background check and to public notification.

The Agency remains fully committed to serving our stakeholders, and strengthening the partnership with the broker fraternity.





Jamaica Customs Says Persons in Lock-down Should Not Attempt to Clear Goods – Customers Encouraged to Use Express Cargo Clearance Procedure

The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is advising that persons who are in ‘lock-down’,  as ordered by the  Government of Jamaica, should desist from attempting to effect clearance at any port, as this will not be facilitated by the JCA, during the period of ‘lock-down’.

The JCA is also reminding the public that only the consignee (person in whose name the goods have been imported), an Agent, or any other person authorised to undertake clearance, is allowed on the port or in warehouses to effect the clearance of shipments.

In order to minimise physical contact during this time, the Agency is encouraging customers to use the Express Cargo Clearance Procedure (ECCP), for the processing and clearance of personal shipments with a value at or (Cost, Insurance & Freight - CIF) below US$5000.00.


The Express Cargo Clearance Procedure

Importers can authorise Clearing Agents (Consolidators, Freight Forwarders, Warehouse Keepers or Customs Brokers) to clear personal shipments. This includes preparing, submitting and paying for a Customs Declaration (IMS4), where so authorised by the importer.

Where authorised, some Clearing Agents can complete the entire Customs clearance formalities, including the delivery of the cargo/goods to the consignee, upon the request of the customer. 


Convenient Payment Options

In keeping with the nation’s efforts to minimise the spread of COVID-19, the Agency is reminding its customers of its online payment options, such as E-payment (via the ASYCUDA World Portal); Real Time Gross Settlement -R.T.G.S (Direct Bank Transfer); and the Advance Deposit Account (Prepayment Services). However, customers can still make ‘over-the-counter’ payments at the Cashier at the offices of the JCA. For further information on these payment options, customers may call the JCA's Revenue Accounts Unit at 876-948-5151 or email   

The JCA remains committed to facilitating trade during this crisis, and will continue to seek ways to optimise efficiency. We urge our customers to remain safe. Let us together, combat COVID-19.




Sustaining the Jamaican Economy Amidst COVID-19" - Online/Digital Forum - Wed. April 8, 2020

Jamaica and many other countries have been negatively affected by the coronavirus, COVID-19. The impact of this virus has had unprecedented and far-reaching effects globally. Subsequently, the impact of COVID-19, has caused much anxiety among businesses and the wider population, and it is therefore crucial that the public and private sector work together in mitigating its impact. 

As a border and trade facilitation entity, and a crucial link in the supply chain, the JCA is committed to ensuring that trade continues, so that the wheels of our economy continue to turn, in the midst of this crisis.  

It is in this respect, that the JCA in collaboration with several private sector entities (Courier Assoc., JCC, JMEA, SAJ, KWL, KFTL, JSCB, CBFFAJ etc.) will be hosting an Online Forum in which, as public/private sector we would seek to: 

  • Reassure the public that business/manufacturing/services continue
  • State our business continuity efforts
  • Indicate recovery plans/mechanisms post COVID-19. 
  • Provide information or give clarity, where required

We recognise the stifling effect COVID-19 can have on our economy, and as key players, we must especially at this time, remind Jamaicans that we are on the same path - that of sustaining the Jamaican economy.

Date/Time: Wednesday, April 8, 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon 

Live at:, on JNN, Gleaner Online Platforms and Nationwide 90FM





Clearance of Goods by Persons in Quarantine Will Not Be Facilitated – Jamaica Customs

In keeping with public health measures to combat the coronavirus, COVID-19, the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is advising passengers, who entered Jamaica on or after March 18, and are in quarantine, to refrain from proceeding to any port to effect the clearance of goods, as this will not be facilitated until their quarantine period has ended.

The Agency is also urging other persons in quarantine, to adhere to the requisite health protocols and guidelines of the quarantine period, as together we seek to effectively combat this pandemic. 

Customers who must visit its offices are also being asked to cooperate with security personnel, with respect to using the hand sanitisers (alcohol based) provided by the organisation. Customers may also use their own sanitiser in the presence of security personnel.

The JCA takes this opportunity to encourage customers to utilise its online channels, such as Live Chat and its Customer Relationship and Feedback Platform, located on its website:, to make queries or to lodge reports. They may also email our Customer Service Representatives at and, or telephone 876-922-5140-8.

The Agency remains fully committed to serving our stakeholders and our country.




Jamaica Customs Continues Full Operations at Air and Sea Ports

Arising from queries from the media and members of the public, the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is advising that it remains fully operational at the country’s air and sea ports, and assures its customers that there are no restrictions or ban on the importation of goods from countries impacted by the COVID-19 virus.


Mrs. Velma Ricketts Walker, CEO/Commissioner of Customs, stated that, “as a border protection entity, we are fully aware of our importance in facilitating trade and travel, which is crucial for the sustainability of the economy and the livelihood of our people, and likewise, we recognise our vulnerability to this virus.”


In this regard, the Commissioner has indicated that in keeping with the Government of Jamaica’s (GOJs) national response strategy in combating Covid-19, the JCA has instituted the relevant health measures and protocols, in promoting the well-being of its employees, including information sharing and providing sanitation supplies. She is also assuring stakeholders that the Agency will implement contingency measures, to ensure business continuity, if necessary.


The Agency is also imploring stakeholders and the general public, to follow the established guidelines and health protocols of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, which can serve to reduce the spread of this coronavirus. In this regard, the Agency is asking customers visiting its various locations to cooperate with security personnel, with respect to measures put in place to combat COVID-19.


The JCA takes this opportunity to encourage customers to utilise its e-Payment platform to undertake transactions, as well as its online channels (Live Chat, Customer Relationship and Feedback Platform), located on its website:, to make queries or to lodge reports, or to contact its Customer Service Representatives at and, or by telephone 876-922-5140-8.


The Agency remains committed to serving its stakeholders, while protecting its employees.






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