JeTS Account Activation Form

Before applying for an account, please note the following.


  1. Processing speed of at least 2.2 GHz
  2. Internet Connection at least 3 Mbps.
  3. Windows /Linux / Mac OS / UNIX
  4. RAM of at least 4 GB
  5. Java Version 8 Update 251

I/We confirm that we have in our staff or we can call upon:

A qualified IT person to deal with any Software Installation required by Customs Automated System (ASYCUDA World).

The applicant agrees to notify the Jamaica Customs Agency within 24 hours of any changes in the following situations:

You no longer meet licensing or operating conditions as Carrier Agent, Individual, Broker, Government Agency, others (if you fall within one of these categories);

  1. Cease to employ all or any individual registered users nominated in this application form.
  2. Change the address or name of your company or individual users.
  3. Cease to conduct business with Jamaica Customs Agency.
  4. You or any of your individual registered users are or become bankrupt.
  5. You or any of your individual registered users are convicted of any offence punishable under the Customs, taxation or criminal legislation.

Note: By signing this application form, the applicant agrees to comply with all and every condition listed in (1) to (5) above.


If approved as a registered user of Customs Automated System (ASYCUDA World), the applicant and any other individual/applicant listed in this application, agrees to:

  1. Keep secure, and not disclose to another person the unique user identifier allocated to you;
  2. Only use the unique user identifier to access data in the system that is available to all registered users or is data input or pertains only to your transmissions;
  3. Notify Customs immediately if you suspect that the security of your Authentication Code has in any way been compromised;
  4. Notify Customs if you gain access or otherwise receive data that does not pertain to your lawful access to the system;
  5. Not falsify damage or impair any record or information stored in the system or to damage or impair any duplicate tape or disc or other medium stored in the system;
  6. Comply with any further conditions imposed by the Commissioner of Customs in relation to the security of a unique identifier allocated to you or persons listed in this application or to any other matters related to the access to and use of A.
  7. Request for password reset will be done using registered email account or in person using proper ID.

Note: By signing this application form, the applicant agrees to comply with all and every condition listed in (1) to (7) above.



The following information is required to complete and submit your application for Authorized User:

I. Personal Information

a. Full Names

 b. Addresses

c. Contact Details.

 II. Business Information

 a. Registered and Trade Names

 b. Addresses

 c. Contact Details

 III. Taxpayer Registration Number

IV. Character References – two references for each applicant from any of the following categories:

*Member of Parliament  *High Court Judge *Minister of Religion *Resident Magistrate  *Justice of the Peace *Public Officer (SEG 1 and above) *Consular Officer * Attorney-at-law *Commissioner of Oaths Notary Public *Parish Councilor *Bank Manager  *Credit Union Manager  *Clerk of Courts  *Marriage Officers  *Army Officer (Major & above)   *Medical Practitioner  *Police Officer (Gazetted Ranks) *Principal (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Educational Institutions)

V. Legal Status and Constitution of the enterprise.

VI. The particulars of principals, Officers and staff members who will have access to the Customs System. Accessing the Customs System

The following attachments may be required:

a. A Valid Government Identification certified {for both applicant/Director and additional Director (s)}

 b. Copies of registration documents (Company and/or Trade name) including evidence of Tax Compliance

 c. Valid Police Record (issued for Customs purposes)

Click here to download Application Signature Form: Signature Form

Click here to download:  Access to ASYCUDA Questionnaire


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