JCA Corrupt Policy





SOP Identification & Grouping Number

Operations Kingston & Mobay AJAS 1, AJAS 2, Amerijet, CALS, FedEx, DHL & Flight Connection Imports- LCL Processed on IMS4 (Personal) Air Cargo_1_IMS4_Personal_Version 1
      Imports- LCL Processed on IMS4 with C27 allowance Air Cargo_2_IMS4_C27_Version 1
      Imports- LCL Processed on IMS4 (Commercial) Air Cargo_3_IMS4_Commercial_Version 1
      Imports- LCL Processed on IM4 (Commercial) Air Cargo_4_IM4_Commercial_Version 1
    Export Unit Exports- Documentary Processing Only (EX1) Air Cargo_5_Exports (Documentary Processing Only) _Version 1
    Export Unit Exports- For Examination Air Cargo_6_Exports for Examination_Version 1

Operations Kingston  Container Freight Station (CFS) Processing Commercial Containers CFS_1_IM4_Commercial_FCL_Version 1
      Processing Returning Resident Containers CFS_2_ IM4_Returning Resident _FCL_Version 1
      Processing Containers with Used Items or part thereof CFS_3_IM4_Used Items_FCL_Version 1 
      Processing FCL Boxes with Motor Vehicles. CFS_4_IM4_Used Motor Vehicles_FCL_Version 1 

Operations Kingston & Mobay EPU Processing of IM4 & IMD4 Declarations EPU_1_IM4 & IMD4 Processing _Version 1
      Processing of Warehouse (IM7) Declarations EPU_2_ IM7 Processing_Version 1.pdf
      Processing of Free Zone (IM9) Declarations EPU_3_IM9 Processing_Version 1
      Processing of IM4 (JSEZ)  EPU_4 _IM4 JSEZ Processing_Version 1
      Processing Goods Exported for Subsequent Re-importation (IM6)  EPU_5 _IM6 Processing_Version 1
      Processing of Short-Shipment (IM4) Declarations EPU_6 _IM4 Short-Shipment Processing_Version 1
      Supervisory Monitoring in ASYCUDA EPU_7_Supervisory Monitoring in Asycuda_Version 1
      Processing PIR, Concession and Write-Off Declarations EPU_8 _ PIR, Concessions and Write-Off_Version 1
      Processing Breach for General Commodities (IM4/IM7) EPU_9_Processing Breach (IM4/IM7) _Version 1
      Motor Vehicle Write-Off Clerk EPU_10_Motor Vehicle Write-Off Clerk _Version 1
      Clerical Officer (Lodgement Area) EPU_11_Clerical Officer (Lodgement Area) _Version 1
      Processing New Motor Vehicle Declaration (IM4) EPU_12_Processing New Motor Vehicle (IM4) _Version 1

Operations Kingston Classification & Industry Liaison Procedure for Implementing Revenue Measures ILU_1_ Procedure  for Implementing Revenue Measures _Version 1
      Procedure for Updating the Tariff ILU_2_ Procedure  for Updating the Tariff _Version 1
      Procedure for Processing Tariff Related Queries ILU_3_ Procedure  for Processing Tariff Related Queries_Version 1
      Requesting Advice from WCO ILU_4_ Requesting Advice from WCO _Version 1

Operations Kingston Parcels Post Tallying & Escorting of Mail Parcels Post_1_Tallying & Escorting Mail_Version 1
      First Examination of Mail in Main Registry Parcels Post_2_First Examination Main Registry_Version 1
      First Examination lof Express Mail Parcels Post_3_First Exam of Express Mail_Version 1
      First Examination of Parcels Parcels Post_4_First Exam of Parcels_Version 1
      First Examination of Packets Parcels Post_5_First Exam of Packets_Version 1
      First Floor Examination (Express & Mail Room) Parcels Post_6_First Floor Examination_Version 1 
      Ground Floor Examination Parcels Post_7_Ground Floor Examination_Version 1
      Liasing with other MDAs Parcels Post_8_Liasing with other MDAs_Version 1
      Verification & Secondary Examination Parcels Post_9_Verification & Secondary Exam_Version 1
      Contact with Customers & Other Stakeholders Parcels Post_10_Contact with Customers_Version 1
      Data Entry Parcels Post_11_Data Entry_Version 1


Kingston & Mobay

Queens (NMIA, 230 & Mobay)  Bidder Registration Process Queens Warehouse_1_Bidder Registration _Version 1

General Cargo Sale - NMIA

Queens Warehouse_2A_Gen Cargo Sale (NMIA) _Version 1

General Cargo Sale -QW230

Queens Warehouse_2B_Gen Cargo Sale (QW 230) _Version 1

General Cargo Sale - Montego Bay

Queens Warehouse_2C_Gen Cargo Sale (Mobay) _Version 1

Preparation of Dump List - NMIA

Queens Warehouse_3A_Dump List (NMIA)_Version 1

Preparation of Dump List - QW 230

Queens Warehouse_3B_Dump List (QW 230)_Version 1

Preparation of Dump List - Montego Bay

Queens Warehouse_3C_Dump List (Mobay)_Version 1

Motor Vehicle Sale - QW230

Queens Warehouse _4_Motor Vehicle Sale (QW 230)_Version 1

Private Treaty - NMIA

Queens Warehouse _5A_ Private Treaty (NMIA) _Version 1

Private Treaty - QW230

Queens Warehouse _5B_ Private Treaty (QW 230) _Version 1

Finalization of Sale

Queens Warehouse_6_Finalization of Sale _Version 1

Proceeds of Sale

Queens Warehouse _7_Proceeds of Sale _Version 1

Clearance of Consignments - NMIA

Queens Warehouse _8A_Clearance (NMIA) _Version 1

Clearance of Consignments - QW230

Queens Warehouse _8B_Clearance (QW 230) _Version 1

Clearance of Consignments - Montego Bay

Queens Warehouse_8C_Clearance (Mobay) _Version 1

Operation   Returning Residents Processing Returning Residents RRU_1_ Processing Returning Resident _Version 1
      Processing Returning Students RRU_2_ Processing Returning Student _Version 1
      Processing Deported Persons RRU_3_ Processing Deported Person _Version 1
      Processing Expatriates RRU_4_ Processing Expatriates _Version 1
      Processing Repatriates RRU_5_ Processing Repatriates_Version 1
      Processing the Personal Belongings of Deceased Jamaicans RRU_6_ Processing Personal Belongings of Deceased Jamaican _Version 1
      Procesing Diplomatic Shipments RRU_7A_ Processing Diplomatic Shipment _Version 1
      Processing Diplomatic Vehicles RRU_7B_ Processing Diplomatic Vehicles _Version 1
      Processing Explosive Permits RRU_8_ Processing Explosive Permit _Version 1
      Processing Firearm and Ammunition Permits RRU_9_ Processing Firearm and Ammunition Permit_ Version 1
      Processing Hotel Incentives Letters RRU_10_ Processing Hotel Incentive Letters _Version 1
      Processing Foreign Service Officers RRU_11_ Processing Foreign Service Officers _Version 1

Operation Kingston & Mobay Site Inspection Examination Privilege (Kingston) Site_1_Examination Privilege (Kgn)_ Version 1
      Examination Privilege (Montego Bay) Site_1_Examination Privilege (Mobay)_ Version 1
      Inspection Appointment (Kingston) Site_2_Inspection Appointment (Kgn)_ Version 1
      Inspection Appointment (Mobay) Site_2_Inspection Appointment (Mobay)_ Version 1
      Dispatching (Kingston) Site_3_Dispatching (Kingston)_Version 1
      Dispatching (Mobay) Site_3_Dispatching (Mobay)_Version 1
      Containers for Inspection (Kgn & Mobay) Site_4_Containers for Inspection_Version 1
      Cold Storage Inspection (Kingston) Site_5_Cold Storage Inspection (Kgn)_Version 1
      Approval of Scrap Metal Site (Kingston) Site_6_Approval (Scrap Metal) (Kgn)_ Version 1
      Scrap Metal Inspection (Kingston) Site_7_Scrap Metal Inspection (Kgn)_Version 1

Operations  Kingston & Montego Bay Valuation Valuation Verification Process Valuation_1_Verification_Version 1
      Bill of Sight Processing Valuation_2_Bill of Sight Processing_Version 1
      Referral Notice Valuation_3_Referral Notice_Version 1

Operations - Central Kingston AEO

Application Approval Process

AEO_1_Application Process_Version 1


Appeals Process

AEO_2_Appeals Process_Version 1


Spot Check Monitoring

AEO_3_Spot Check Monitoring_Version 1

Operations - Central Kingston Incentives Branch Application for Approved Manufacturer's Status Incentives_1_Application for Approved Manufacturer's Status_Version 1

Monitoring Activities

Incentives_2_Monitoring Activities_Version 1
      Monitoring Exercise Incentives_3_Phase 2 Monitoring Exercise_Version 1
      Verification Exercises Incentives_4_Verification Exercises_Version 1
      Application for Refined Sugar Regime Incentives_5_Application for Refined Sugar Regime_Version 1
      Annual Allocation of Refined Sugar Incentives_6_Annual Allocation of Refined Sugar_Version 1
      Drawdown or Increase in Allocation Incentives_7_Drawdown or Increase in Allocation_Version 1
      Motor Vehicle Concession Incentives_8_Motor Vehicle Concession_Version 1
      EUR 1 Verification Incentives_9_EUR 1 Verification_Version 1

Operations Kingston & Mobay Post Clearance Audit Cases Referred by Other Units Post Audit_1_Case Referrals _Version 1
Central     Case Selection for Post Audit Post Audit_2_Case Selection_Version 1
      Case Initiation by Auditors Post Audit_3_Case Initiation_Version 1
      Planning an Audit Post Audit_4_Planning_Version 1
      Executing Field Audit Activity Post Audit_5_Field Audit Activity_Version 1
      Executing Desk Review Post Audit_6_Desk Review_Version 1
      Follow-Up-Activity Post Audit_7_Follow-Up-Activity_Version 1
      File Room Activity Post Audit_8_File Room Activity_Version 1

Border Protection Kingston & Mobay Investigation Verification of Broker & Broker Clerk Application Investigation_1_Broker-Broker Clerk Application_Version 1
      Investigating Commercial Breach Investigation_2_Commercial Breach_Version 1
      Investigating Criminal Breach Investigation_3_Criminal Breach_Version 1
      Courier Service Detention Investigation_4_Courier Service Detention_Version 1
      Verification of Monetary Instruments at the Central Sorting Office Investigation_5A_Central Sorting Office_Version 1
      Detaining Packages from the Post Office (Montego Bay) Investigation_5B_Post Office (Mobay)_Version 1
      Surveillance & Reconnaissance Investigation_6_Surveillance & Reconnaissance_Version 1
      Investigating Financial Breach Investigation_7_Financial Breach_Version 1
      Proceeds of Crime Matters Investigation_8_POCA_Version 1
      Lodgement of Seized Cash (Kingston) Investigation_9A_Lodgement of Seized Cash (Kgn)_Version 1
      Lodgement of Seized Cash (Montego Bay) Investigation_9B_Lodgement of Seized Cash(Mobay)_Version 1
      Filing Particulars of Claim Investigation_10_Filing Particulars of Claim_Version 1
      Processing Law Enforcement Agency Request Investigation_11_Law Enforcement Agency Request_Version 1

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