Jamaica Customs Says Persons in Lock-down Should Not Attempt to Clear Goods – Customers Encouraged to Use Express Cargo Clearance Procedure

The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is advising that persons who are in ‘lock-down’,  as ordered by the  Government of Jamaica, should desist from attempting to effect clearance at any port, as this will not be facilitated by the JCA, during the period of ‘lock-down’.

The JCA is also reminding the public that only the consignee (person in whose name the goods have been imported), an Agent, or any other person authorised to undertake clearance, is allowed on the port or in warehouses to effect the clearance of shipments.

In order to minimise physical contact during this time, the Agency is encouraging customers to use the Express Cargo Clearance Procedure (ECCP), for the processing and clearance of personal shipments with a value at or (Cost, Insurance & Freight - CIF) below US$5000.00.


The Express Cargo Clearance Procedure

Importers can authorise Clearing Agents (Consolidators, Freight Forwarders, Warehouse Keepers or Customs Brokers) to clear personal shipments. This includes preparing, submitting and paying for a Customs Declaration (IMS4), where so authorised by the importer.

Where authorised, some Clearing Agents can complete the entire Customs clearance formalities, including the delivery of the cargo/goods to the consignee, upon the request of the customer. 


Convenient Payment Options

In keeping with the nation’s efforts to minimise the spread of COVID-19, the Agency is reminding its customers of its online payment options, such as E-payment (via the ASYCUDA World Portal); Real Time Gross Settlement -R.T.G.S (Direct Bank Transfer); and the Advance Deposit Account (Prepayment Services). However, customers can still make ‘over-the-counter’ payments at the Cashier at the offices of the JCA. For further information on these payment options, customers may call the JCA's Revenue Accounts Unit at 876-948-5151 or email directpayment@jca.gov.jm.   

The JCA remains committed to facilitating trade during this crisis, and will continue to seek ways to optimise efficiency. We urge our customers to remain safe. Let us together, combat COVID-19.




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