Customs House Weekly Series #17

Customs House Weekly Series #17

Jamaica Customs Revamps
Clearance Procedures for New Motor Vehicles

The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA), as part of its strategy to enhance its business operations, has revamped the operating procedures for the clearance of new motor vehicles by new car dealers into private bonded warehouses and the domestic market, respectively. 


Integration of e-Trade with ASYCUDA World

The full integration of the e-Trade system with the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA World) now facilitates real-time transfer of all approved licence details from the Trade Board to include motor vehicle and general cargo. 

The ongoing pilot involves select importers, which includes the automated verification of the import licence details against the Customs declaration, mandating the submission of accurate motor vehicle details to include the importer’s Tax Payer Registration Number (TRN), the year, make, model, chassis number and HS-Code classification, which are now required by both systems. 


Benefits of New Clearance Procedures

This revamped clearance procedure has resulted in significant benefits to the importer, the Declarant and the JCA. The procedure also allows for the enforcement of business rules which detects, informs and rejects any variation pertaining to the motor vehicle details.  The procedure includes, but is not be limited to functionalities, such as the automated detection and notification of an import licence infraction (breach) for further processing by the Proper Officer. 

All motor vehicle import Declarations must be submitted and cleared in accordance with Customs laws, and guided by provisions of the Revised Motor Vehicle Policy of 2014.

This clearance procedure is applicable to Declarations submitted which reference the Import Regime and Customs Procedure Codes as follows:


Regime Type
(Box 1)

Customs Procedure Code
(Box 37 First Sub-division)


IM4 – Entry For Home Use


Commercial Import

IM7- Entry for Warehousing


Warehouse (Private Bonded)



Step 1: Preparing the Import Declaration

For Declarant

Access ASYCUDA World Goods Clearance and create Declaration using suitable IM - Import Regime

  • Complete e-SAD/c87E Details
  • Complete Valuation Note
  • Complete Motor Vehicle Tab
  • Input Container Details (if applicable)
  • Reference Import Licence Details
  • Upload PDF copies of Supporting Import Documents
  • Reference Advanced Deposit Account (ADA) details prior to submission - ( if not using other payment options)
  • Submit Declaration

Using ASYCUDA System

  • Verify Trade Board Licence referenced

Note: The system will issue a notification if a licence breach is detected and automate the allocation of the Declaration to the Proper Officer without suspending the registration process

  • Verify ADA referenced (if used to apply payment)
  • Conduct all other consistency and validity checks
  • Send email notification upon successful registration


Step 2: Making Payment


  • Makes online payment Using AW Portal or print Assessment Notice for payment at Cashier

Cashier (Over the Counter Transaction)

  • Accepts payment for import Declaration


  • Trigger automated lane assignment (Green Lane 70%, Blue Lane 30%)
  • Automatic workload assignment to Control Office (if required)
  • Automatic workload assignment to Customs Office of Clearance


Step 3: Documentary Review - Additional Controls Required

  • Processing Declarations with Special Tax Treatment/Duty Concession

Proper Officer

Conducts documentary review

  • Review Results as Satisfactory

Performs Controls

  • Results Unsatisfactory

Routes declaration to query status/complete inspection act

  • Processing Declarations with Licence Breach Detected

Designated Supervisor

  • Conducts review in accordance with the established breach procedure
  • Update inspection act and effect control once breach procedure is satisfied
  • A provisional clearance may also be done upon verification of deposit paid against the breach


Step 4: Release/Exit Processing

Proper Officer

  • Verify vehicle particulars and generate Release Order (if satisfactory)


  • Present Release Order to Exit Officer along with Gate Pass issued by Terminal Operator

Customs Delivery Officer

  • Verify Release Order details and conduct required vetting
  • Generate Exit Note
  • Validates exit of goods





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