Customs House Weekly Series #16

Customs House Weekly Series #16

Jamaica Customs Enhances Customer Service Delivery:
Introduces Door-to-Door Clearance


The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) continues its thrust in improving its customer service capabilities, ultimately increasing the entity’s efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. It with this objective in mind, that the JCA has introduced its ‘hassle-free’ Door-to-Door Clearance Service; a simplified process for clearing small shipments, at the Ports and airports.

  • So, what Is Door-to Door Clearance?
  • What Are the Requirements?
  • Why Use the Door-to-Door Service?
  • Who Can Utilise the Service?


The Door-to-Door Clearance Process

Importers can authorise Agents, Consolidators, Freight Forwarders or Licensed Customs Brokers to prepare, submit, and pay for a Simplified Declaration (IMS4). The responsible clearance agent can also complete the Customs clearance procedures to include delivery of the cargo at the importer’s (consignee) doorstep, upon request.

Persons who seek to clear personal items or shipments having a Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) value amounting to USD$5000 (Five thousand US dollars) or less, can use the Simplified Declaration (IMS4). The IMS4 should be prepared, submitted and paid for at the most convenient Customs Office or where the goods are physically located.



Authorised representatives, including Brokers must have an Advance Deposit Account with the JCA, in order to submit Simplified Declarations. All users must also be in possession of an active ASYCUDA login account. After making an electronic submission and paying the cost for the IMS4, the importer or his/her representative, must present a copy of the Assessment Notice to facilitate the timely retrieval and processing of the Declaration.


Why Use Door-to-Door Service?

  • Importers/Consignees, Declarants will spend significantly less time at the Ports and at Customs.
  • A Simplified Declaration is submitted in advance and consignees may choose to have cargo delivered at the Port or at their doorstep.
  • Agents and Customs Brokers can pay immediately at their office using the Advance Deposit payment option.
  • Authorised agents or representatives can satisfy all Customs formalities and deliver duty paid and cleared shipments for their clients at their door step or wherever it may be convenient.
  • The clearance time is faster and there is less Customs intervention.


Who Can Utilise the Service?

The following categories of persons are allowed to submit Simplified Declarations on behalf of importers/consignees who duly authorise them to act on their behalf:

  • Licensed Customs Brokers.
  • Cargo reporters such as Freight Forwarders, Consolidators and other agents who are registered with Jamaica Customs to submit IMS4.
  • Other representatives/Declarants who are registered with Jamaica Customs.


Importers or their representatives must verify that a Simplified Declaration is complete and accurate. If a Declaration is found to be incomplete, erroneous, false or in need of amendment, the normal Customs procedures and practices will apply.


For further information on Door-to-Door Clearance, you may contact the JCA’s ‘Help Desk’ at e-mail:; telephone: 922-5140, extensions: 3030, 3126, 3127 or 3133.

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