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PICA and Jamaica Customs Launch Online Passenger Declaration Form

On July 24, 2019, the Passport, Immigration and  Citizen Agency (PICA), in collaboration with the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA), launched the online version of the Immigration/Customs Declaration Form (C5 Form), which will allow for more efficient processing of air passengers and baggage at the island’s international airports.

The Online Passenger Declaration Platform provides passengers with a flexible option for completing the Declaration Form and aims to reduce waiting and processing times at both the Immigration and Customs halls. Travellers who use this service can fill out the online form once they have booked their flight, or, while en route to Jamaica.

Speaking at the launch, CEO/Commissioner of Customs, Mrs. Velma Ricketts Walker, said: “as protectors of Jamaica’s borders, we (PICA/Customs] have a duty and a mandate to carry out this function effectively, using a two pronged approach – that of ensuring that we safe-guard our country, as well as offering excellent service to our passengers.”

“The introduction of this [C-5 platform] system,” she further stated, “is expected to improve not only our processing time, but also our risk management capabilities, as well as the customer service experience.”

The Online Passenger Declaration (C5) Platform was conceptualised by PICA, and is designed to capture the same information as the manual version. This system is a first for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What is the Electronic Immigration/Customs Declaration (C5) Form?

This is an online version of the physical Immigration/Customs Declaration C5 Form.  It allows airline passengers to complete and submit their Immigration and Customs Declaration information prior to their arrival in Jamaica.


  1. Where may I go to access the form online?

The form is available on PICA’s website at, as well as Jamaica Customs Agency’s website at Click on the Online Passenger Declaration Form logo to gain access.


  1. Will I be required to fill out separate forms for each family member?

     Yes, each passenger is required to complete the form


  1. What are the benefits of using the electronic form?
  • Convenience is the foremost benefit of the online form. Passengers are able to complete the in advance of travelling once they have booked their travel arrangements.
  • Passengers will  experience faster processing  in designated lanes at Immigration and Customs


  1. Is my (online) information secure?

Customers can be assured that their security will not be compromised.  The data is encrypted and the system has been accorded an A+ certification as a secured site.


  1. Will I be able to amend the information at any time, before landing?

No, you cannot amend the form. Once you have submitted the form you cannot change the information. You may however complete another form with the updated information and resubmit. The last information submitted, will supersede the first.


  1. Will passengers still be able to complete the physical C5 Form?

Yes, the physical form is available to passengers. The manual processing of passengers and baggage will continue alongside the use of the electronic system.




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