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Jamaica Customs Urges Travellers & Importers to Adhere to Import Regulations

With summer travel in high gear, the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is reminding travellers and importers to comply with regulations governing the importation of restricted and prohibited items. Restricted goods, such as meats and plants, require a permit, while prohibited goods, such as toy guns and fire crackers are not allowed into the island, and will be seized at the port.  

Other items that require permits and/or licences include motor vehicles, pesticides, agricultural produce, human remains, fire arms and holsters, and several others. Importers and travellers are therefore being urged to contact the JCA and the relevant agency or agencies (below), for further guidance or clarification, as it relates to importing goods/items that may require a permit.

The JCA performs border protection or agency functions on behalf of the following agencies and encourages importers to make contact with these entities if they require details on importing any item that falls within their purview:   

  • The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA), Ministry of National Security
  • The Pesticides Control Authority (PCA),Ministry of Health
  • Plant Quarantine Unit, Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries (MICAF)
  • The Veterinary Services Division, MICAF
  • Trade Board Limited
  • Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA)
  • The Public Health Department, Ministry of Health
  • Bureau of Standards (MICAF)
  • National Compliance and Regulatory Authority (NRCA) 
  • National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA)
  • Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ)
  • Coconut Industry Board
  • Spectrum Management Authority (SMA)
  • Department of Cooperatives and Friendly Societies (DCFS)
  • The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA)
  • Department of Cooperatives and Friendly Societies (DCFS)


The Agency further advises that importers can be breached for failing to obtain the relevant permits when importing certain items. Other reasons for which persons can be breached are:

  • Under-invoicing;
  • False Declarations;
  • Undeclared Excess Goods;
  • Intellectual Property Rights Violations;
  • Violations of the requirements of regulatory authorities.


  • No excess goods are being shipped and that invoices are authentic;
  • Supporting documents, such as Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC), Certificate of Registration of Approved Charity, etc. are valid;
  • Documentation for shipments to Charities bears the consignee’s name and address. 


  • If the passenger uses a portion, or all of the Duty Free Allowance (US$500.00), the Customs Official will indicate on the C-27 electronic form (formerly Yellow Form) that full allowance was given, or the amount of the allowance utilised. Once there is an allowance remaining, the passenger will utilise the balance to clear the unaccompanied baggage.
  • The C-27 electronic form is valid for clearing goods that arrive in the island two months before, or two months after the passenger arrives. This form is completed by the Customs Officer.
  • Goods with a Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) value of more than US$5000.00 must be cleared by a licensed Customs Broker.
  • Barrels containing ‘personal effects’ (e.g. food, clothes, toiletries, basic household items) or ‘non-commercial’ items attract a minimum charge of JMD$6,500.00 per barrel.
  • If items are being cleared on behalf of a consignee, the representative must present a letter of authorisation, signed and stamped by a Justice of the Peace (JP). The consignee’s Tax Payer Registration Number (TRN) card and valid identification must be presented to the Customs Official (photocopied documents must also be signed/stamped by a JP).

For further information telephone the JCA at: 876-922-5140-8; Toll free: 1-888-287-8667 or email or




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