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Jamaica Customs Bolsters Its Stakeholder Awareness Thrust - Meets with Used Car Dealers


The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA), in keeping with its thrust to enhance its service delivery and meet the needs of its various stakeholders, hosted a Stakeholders’ Awareness Forum with the Used Car Dealers Association of Jamaica, on Tuesday, June 25, 2019, under the theme: “Let’s Talk Valuation.”

This forum facilitated discussion between the Agency and members of the Used Car Dealers Association, and sought to address their varying concerns, covering several areas, such as application of the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO’s) Valuation Methods, processing time for transactions, and improvements in some areas of customer service.

On the matter of Valuation Methods, the JCA is reminding importers that they have a right to request a review of any assessment done at any of our ports by requesting that a referral note be prepared (for the imported goods) and sent to the Valuation Verification Unit, at the Agency’s head office – Myers’ Wharf, Newport East, Kingston.

Customers, who request a review, must submit the relevant documentation to the Valuation Unit to include:

  • Store receipts
  • Bank receipts
  • Wire transfers 
  • Credit/debit card receipts
  • Email correspondences (where applicable) and,
  • Any other documentation relevant to the case

If an importer is still not satisfied with the review done by the Valuation Verification Unit, that individual or entity can make a further appeal to the Agency’s Internal Review Committee.

Valuation Principles

The Valuation Principles outlined in the Valuation Schedule (Section 19) of the Customs Act, specifies the rules of valuation for imported goods, the methods to be used and the manner in which they may be applied. Rights and Obligations in keeping with the Customs Act:

  1. Section 19 (2) – Customs has the right to doubt the truth or accuracy of the information submitted.
  2. Section 19 (3) – Customs is obligated to notify the importer of how the value was determined.
  3. Section 19 (4) & 19 (5) – Customs is obligated to inform the importer of the right to an appeal without penalty.
  4. Section 19 (8) – Customs has two years within which to change a previously accepted value due to new information gathered or any other reason garnered.

The Customs Valuation methods are based on the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO’s) Valuation Agreement, of which there are six methods:

  1. Transaction Value  – Article 1
  2. Transaction Value of Identical Goods – Article 2
  3. Transaction Value of Similar Goods – Article 3
  4. Deductive Method – Article 5
  5. Computed Method – Article 6
  6. Fall-back Method – Article 7

The JCA will continue in its thrust, to serve all its customers efficiently and effectively.




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