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Avoid 'knock-offs'

The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is committed to securing Jamaica's ports of entry, and keeping our people, society and economy safe from illegal imports and trading activities.

The Agency continues to be proactive in seeking to reduce and eliminate illegal activities that threaten the economic stability and safety of our people, including detecting and seizing counterfeit goods.

Negative Impact of Counterfeit Goods

In this regard, the JCA implores trade mark owners and licensees to be even more vigilant as it pertains to the importation of counterfeit products. We are also encouraging them to make a formal request to the commissioner of customs to undertake the seizure of these goods at our ports of entry or on the local market.

Counterfeit goods are “knock-offs” or fake items, which an illegitimate trader seeks to pass off as genuine. They may include pharmaceutical products, backpacks, eyeglasses, lotions, handbags, perfumes, clothes, watches, footwear, cosmetics, electrical items, alcohol, and pirated DVDs/CDs, among others.

The agency recognises as well that people who are involved in the sale of counterfeit products also engage in the sale of restricted and potentially life-threatening items such as black mosquito coils, skin bleaching products and fireworks, etc.

Many Jamaicans do not recognise the harmful effects of using counterfeit products and as such, continue to support this illegimate trade. Of note is that many of these products are made in unsafe environments and under unhealthy conditions.

Many of these products also contain poor or sub-standard ingredients (e.g. pharmaceuticals) that are harmful, and therefore, the agency is warning consumers to desist from buying “knock-off” items.

 Collaboration Key

A key strategy in protecting our borders is collaborating with our local and international partners. The agency's partnerships have served to stem human trafficking and minimise the 'Gun for Drugs Trade', the 'Food for Gun Trade' ,as well as illegal imports.

The agency therefore takes this opportunity to warn people involved in smuggling activities to cease this practice, as our officers are fully committed to protecting our country and uphold the tenants of our motto: “Country Above Self.”



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