Adherence to all Requirements is Necessary for Efficient Processing and Clearance of Goods

The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is aware of public comments regarding delays in the clearance of goods by couriers and shipping companies and would like to reassure the public that our processes are operating optimally at all ports. The Agency is committed to its Core Values: Customer-Focused, Accountability, Professionalism, Integrity and Transparency (CAPIT) and to achieve same, it relies on members of the importing and exporting public to adhere to its requirements and provide accurate information to aid with efficient processing of cargo. Agents who ship goods to Jamaica are reminded that they MUST follow the steps below for ultimate clearance:

Step 1: Submit cargo manifest, to include breakdown manifests, via the Port Community System (PCS) to the JCA prior to arrival of vessel.

Step 2: Determine whether a request will be made to move goods from the Port to a Public Bonded Warehouse or have goods examined on the Port.

Step 3: Ensure container is offloaded, and cargo scanned at the Warehouse.

Step 4: Create and submit the simplified IMS4 declaration and upload all supporting documents, to include invoices provided by the importer.

Step 5: Pay the applicable Customs duties and fees for each declaration.

Step 6: Arrange with the Warehouse for goods to be presented to Customs for inspection.

Step 7: Customs Officer inspects the cargo.

Step 8: Cargo is released to the Agent/importer if all requirements are met.

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