Application for Refund

Application for Refund


Terms, Condition & Disclaimers For Refund Payments


The Terms Below Are Entered Into By And Between The Maker Of This Refund Request And The JCA”

  1. The  CLIENT  acknowledges  that  the  account  indicated  overleaf  is  the  account  that  will  be  used  for  all transactions between them and the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) hereafter referred to as the Agency.
  2. The electronic payment shall be made in Jamaican Dollars.
  3. All terms and conditions of the contract with the Agency shall remain unaffected.
  4. The undersigned warrants and asserts that they have the authority to specify the account to which payment is to be made on behalf of the Client.
  5. The Client agrees and warrants that the account provided by it, is a legitimate account to which the company or business can be paid and therefore indemnifies the Agency against any loss or damage suffered as a result of any error in the account information provided herein. The Client shall at all times, indemnify and save harmless the Agency (including its officers, agents and employees), of and from all loss and damage and all actions, claims, costs, demands, expenses, fines, liabilities and suits of any nature whatsoever for which the Agency shall or may become liable, incur or suffer by reason of making payments, transferring funds to the account specified by the Client.  The  Client's  obligations  under  this  authorization  shall  survive  the  termination  of  the  arrangement between the Agency and the Client, whether by effluxion of time or otherwise.
  6. The authorized information provided by the client overleaf is to remain in full force and effect until the Agency has received written notification from the client of its termination in such a time and manner as to afford the Agency a reasonable time to act upon it. A period of time not less than seven (7) working days shall be considered a reasonable time.
  7. Where there are any changes or closure of Client's bank account the Agency should be advised by the client two weeks prior to the due date for payment to your account.

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