Untitled Document The Customs Tariff allows for each passenger to receive duty concessions in respect of the following:
  • Instruments and tools to be used for the purpose of their profession, trade, occupation or employment, provided that the items have been in the passengers’ possession and bonafide use for a reasonable period;
  • Tobacco and some potable articles including wines and spirits in the baggage or on the  person which they might reasonably be expected to carry with them for personal use, in such quantities as the Commissioner may from time to time approve;
  • Used household effects which have been in the passenger’s use for a reasonable period of time and are not imported for sale;
  • A passenger who is eighteen (18) years or older and who is the holder of a Jamaican passport or is ordinarily resident in Jamaica is entitled to additional duty concession in respect of other personal or household effects not specified in (1), (2) or (3) above which the proper officer is satisfied are not imported for sale or commercial exchange and do not exceed US$500 in total value. This concession will not be granted to a person who has been permitted duty free importation under this section within the six-month period immediately preceding the date of return to Jamaica.
  • It is advisable not to carry a package for any one you do not know but, if you do, make sure you know what is inside the package.
  • Do not seek or accept advice from unauthorized persons, they may lead you astray.
  • Do not attempt to import or export illicit drugs, e.g., cocaine, marijuana, ganja, heroin, crack. Please notify the Customs Officer of any one suspected of importing or exporting illicit drugs.